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Helping the unemployed on state benefits into gainful employment
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The Fair Work Fair Pay Foundation - How to Donate

This Christian charity seeks funding through;

One-off, regular and legacy donations;

Sponsored events;

Sale of donated and new goods;

Donations for work done by its volunteers seeking gainful employment.

It is planned to make the charity as efficient as possible with minimum running costs and maximum benefits passed on to those who volunteer via the charity. Initial donations will be used to set up the infrastructure of the charity principally the mechanism to publicise and teach others the method used by the first volunteer to find gainful employment. Donations will be used to directly support the charities volunteers by supplying goods and practical support for them to use while seeking gainful employment through volunteering; for example, a bucket, leather and sponge for a volunteer cleaning windows. These goods and practical supports will remain the property of the charity. The volunteer may in time become a professional window cleaner. The charity is finding positive support from both Christian and non-Christian contacts and from members of different political parties.

Gifts large or small are greatly appreciated.

Donate via PayPal

Donate directly by BACS payment to ‘The Fair Work Fair Pay Foundation’ charity trust

account; Sort Code 07 00 93, Bank Account 33333334, Ref 0328/704271301

Regular donation by Standing Order to ‘The Fair Work Fair Pay Foundation’
Sort Code 07 00 93, Bank Account 33333334, Ref 0328/70427130.

Click here to download a standing order form

Our Help

Perhaps the Job Centre empowers people not to work and the payment of state benefits removes the need to

work for a wage but how best to make the transition from relying on benefits into gainful work that promotes dignity and generates self-esteem? Read more...

Your Help

By giving a donation directly to the charity or by giving a donation for voluntary work completed by one of

Your Help

the charities volunteers, you will be helping unemployed people claiming state benefits seek and find gainful employment so reducing the overall demand on the state benefit system and reduce the financial demand on tax paying members of our society. Read more...

Get Involved

The charity plans to operate initially in the City of Salisbury then the surrounding counties; reaching out

Get Involved

across England; and then the UK.

Leave a legacy in your will to ‘The Fair Work Fair Pay Foundation’ charity.

Consider novel ways to raise donations for the charity. For example, a person donated 100 copies of a Video DVD and gave all proceeds from

sales to the charity.

Please contact us on 07857 803816 for more information on how to donate.

Thank You

Ethos Statement

The mission of the charity is to help the unemployed claiming state benefits into gainful employment and so help relieve poverty and restore dignity. Those who find employment or create new employment opportunities will benefit financially and spiritually becoming good role models to their families, friends and neighbours. We plan to do this through a growing network of local church based centres and in such a way that people can experience and respond to the love of God.

Ethos Statement

‘Helping the unemployed claiming state benefits into gainful employment.’

This charity empowers those who want to stop claiming benefits by finding or creating gainful employment in the first instance by actively seeking voluntary work from and for their neighbours. These neighbours may choose to make a financial donation to the charity and any donations would be used to support the volunteers in practical ways. Volunteers may continue to claim state benefits until they have found or established gainful employment at which time they may stop claiming benefits. By achieving sustainable gainful employment the vices and associated financial demands linked with unemployment may be reduced. The volunteers and those finding employment will gain self-esteem with the opportunity to contribute positively both socially and financially within society. The work of the charity and its volunteers is based on the Christian principle ‘Love God and love your neighbours as you wish to be loved your self.’  We pray that a growth in Christian values will result from volunteers interacting with their neighbours within diverse communities first locally and then nationally.

Love God and love your neighbours as you wish to be loved yourself